Cleanings & Prevention


The most important part of providing quality dental care is in the prevention. The better prevention we can help you achieve, the longer lasting smile you’ll be able to keep — hopefully for life. As in medicine, when it comes to dental work, is always best to practice preventative care. Regular dental checkups, x-rays and cleanings help not only prevent problems from developing but also catch problems while they’re small and easily fixable.

Several important aspects of quality preventative dentistry include proper home care (we always recommend electric toothbrushes twice daily for 2 minutes each and flossing once daily at night), and of course regular dental visits for checkup and cleanings with your hygienist.

Additional measures you’ll find in our office, multiple options for re-mineralizing (reversing) small cavities BEFORE you need fillings (yes you can reverse decay sometimes!), and sealants to prevent cavities in deep grooves of molars and premolars.

If you’re off track and need help getting back to where you know you need to be, we don’t judge. At Southridge Dental, you’ll find kind, helpful, honest opinions and quality care. We can help you achieve the healthy mouth and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.