Your Emergency Dental Appointment

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What Does a Dental Emergency Look Like?

Have you just had an accident or dental emergency? If you need relief from pain and worry, let us help you feel healthy and pain-free again by calling our staff at (509) 581-0081. We are the experienced emergency dentist near you when you need immediate care of your dental emergency near Kennewick, WA.

  • +Toothache
  • +Knocked out Adult Tooth
  • +Lost Filling
  • +Knocked out Baby Tooth
  • +Dental infection
  • +Loose or detached crown
  • +Broken Tooth
  • +Cracked Tooth

Especially in cases where a tooth has been knocked out it is important to seek immediate dental care, as there is a small window by which you may be able to place the tooth back in the mouth before it dehydrates and fails to recover.

Same Day Crowns, Root Canals, Extractions or even Dental Implants

At Southridge Dental in Kennewick WA, we take emergency dentistry very seriously. We understand when you have an urgent problem, it can’t always wait. That is why we make every effort to see patients SAME DAY! Additionally, our advanced technologies allow us to perform many procedures in just one appointment that used to take days or weeks to complete, including dental crowns, root canals and dental implants. Our new Cerec CAD/CAM technology allows us to mill and deliver crowns in just one appointment with no temporary crown and no additional appointments that could mean more numbing or having to miss more workdays! Additionally our 3D cone beam technology used in dental implant surgery makes treatments more accurate, painless, and efficient.

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

In cases where a tooth is knocked out (avulsed), broken or you are suffering from pain in the mouth, some steps can be taken to reduce the risks of infection or keep pain at bay while you contact your local dentist.

+Knocked out teeth: If possible, place the tooth back into the mouth by holding the tooth by its crown, avoiding touching the roots or any gum fragments. If this step is not possible, place the tooth in a small container of milk or saliva (where whole milk is best) to keep the tooth hydrated while you seek the immediate care of your dentist.

+Broken or cracked tooth or toothache: Rinse the mouth gently with warm water to clean the affected area. In matters of a toothache, floss gently to remove any trapped food particles. Apply a cold press to the side of your mouth to reduce swelling and numb pain while you call the dentist.

Exceptional Dental Care With Dr. Winterton

Southridge Dental Team

Dental emergencies happen at all our favorite moments: cracking a tooth on a sweet pastry, while your kids are off at hockey camp, or right after the local dentist is closed! In these moments when it’s easy to feel panicked or worried about where to go, Dr. Winterton understands that your dental emergency shouldn’t wait.

Our office supplies a direct line to Dr. Winterton in your time of need, so you can feel the support of having someone closeby who understands your needs and can treat you quickly. Call us at (509) 581-0081 to schedule your next appointment.