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Orthodontics – Your 6-Month Smile

By this Upcoming Summer you could have your Healthy, Straight, Beautiful Smile you’ve always wanted. Orthodontics to most people is simply “straightening teeth”, yet to Dr. Winterton it was becoming specially trained and certified as a provider of Six Month Smiles.  An orthodontist specializes in the branch of dentistry involving the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the jaw, face and bite irregularities – which can take 2-3 years of more school post dental school. Check out some of our offices smile changers right here in Kennewick Washington.  


Before and After - Six Month Smile

General Timeline for Six Month Smiles:

1st Appointment – Taking molds and discussing plans for new smile, X-Rays and before photos, and rest of full consultation

2nd Appointment – Braces get placed, teach patients how to properly care for them

3rd Appointment – Adjust and tighten to see how your teeth move, then discuss visit plans afterward.  The orthodontics process varies for everyone.

Generally after 3 Appointments we continue with treatment plan until results are achieved.

We have options that illustrate how our clear braces can get rid of the “metal mouth” stigma normally associated with braces, and whether you’re a professional adult or kid in high school, we want to find the best option for you. In as little as 4-6 months you can be provided with the safest and most effective way of moving teeth into their proper positions.


“One of the best parts about being a dentist is to having the ability to transform a patient’s mouth and increase their self confidence.  There’s nothing worse than having to hide your smile, and nothing better than seeing a patient’s self confidence revived and increased.”

-Dr. Winterton

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We are often running specials for new patients undergoing the Six Month Smiles treatment, and if you act now you can have a new brilliant smile for the rest of your life.