• This was by far the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. Everyone was friendly, accommodating, caring, honest... read more

    Marcie F. Avatar Marcie F.

    THANK YOU, Southridge Dental for my new and improved smile! I hid my teeth in every picture for 33 years... read more

    Charee G. Avatar Charee G.

    Ok for real I have to give a shout out on this FB to my dentist as well! Dr. Simper... read more

    Holly D. Avatar Holly D.
  • We as a family go to the dentist here. Every single time we have been there the staff has treated... read more

    Prijjay H. Avatar Prijjay H.

    My first visit was today. Had an exam and Zoom whitening!! All I can say is...Wow! The staff is amazingly... read more

    Susan M. Avatar Susan M.

    I have terrible dentist anxiety and always dread going. However, the staff and dr really made me feel welcome and... read more

    Amanda P. Avatar Amanda P.
  • Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr. Simper for several years. When he moved and bought his... read more

    Alan B. Avatar Alan B.

    I didn't go to the dentist for 23 years because of fear. I broke a tooth and had to go... read more

    Denny B. Avatar Denny B.

    This office is awesome. -- Staff is nice and great at communicating, it's easy to get appointments, Dr. Simper is... read more

    Nicole R. Avatar Nicole R.
  • Wonderful experience -- The Southridge Dental staff were wonderful, very professional and personable. Dr. Simper was very friendly and explained... read more

    Janet G. Avatar Janet G.

    Dr. Simper is the Best in TriCites -- I met a wonderful professional today, being an curtious and informative dentist... read more

    Mary S. Avatar Mary S.

    Lesson in customer service -- Most all businesses in the Tri-Cities could, and should, take a lesson in customer service... read more

    Tim S. Avatar Tim S.
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