How to Find a Highly-Rated Dentist with Good Reviews

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When looking around town for a new dentist, how do you find a dental office you’ll be happy with? Do you wish you knew what their patient experiences were like? Do they give good service, mediocre service, or bad service? Well, one of the greatest perks with the growth of the internet is REVIEWS! Reviews are a feature of almost every major search and social media platform! 

In the past, reviews were often listed on websites by the businesses themselves, or there were only one or two on platforms like Yelp. Now reviews are much more common and promoted by 3rd party platforms instead of businesses themselves. This means there are more reviews (and less biased ones)! 

When you look for food, a doctor, hotels, or a dentist you can find hundreds of real reviews from previous customers. The more reviews, the more likely the average rating is accurate. Southridge Dental is proud to have our patients post their positive experiences across all of our digital profiles!

Here are a few important tips to finding a high-rated dentist:

1. Check multiple review sources

Some of the largest review platforms right now are Google and Facebook. There are also review sites that combine reviews from multiple sources, like Bizinga. Checking multiple sources gives you a sample of different groups of people. It’s a lot harder to maintain great reviews across many platforms! 

We are very proud of our reviews, and are so glad our customers leave happy! Check out all of Southridge Dental’s reviews below!

Google Reviews

2. Skim through a few reviews

Reading through a few reviews will be an important part of information gathering. Don’t just trust an average rating — sometimes reviews are fake, or even spam! If you see a low or high average rating, take a second to read through the reviews and make sure they seem real. Fake reviews are often NOT well hidden; they tend to be in gibberish or talk about irrelevant subjects.

Good reviews speak about details of their appointment, and might mention names of the particular people that assisted them. Generally the more detail, the more likely it is to be real! You can also see below a user’s name, the number of reviews given on their account. You can even read those reviews and make sure they seem legitimate! 

Here is an example of an honest, real review for Southridge Dental:

5 Stars
“I loved this office! It felt more like a spa than a dental office. Pandora, warm neck roll, coffee bar, relaxing decor. The hygienist I saw (Nicole) was amazing and personable! She made me feel like a friend and not just another patient in the books. I was the irresponsible type who hadn’t been to a dentist office in years. I was embarrassed to go since it had been so long. Rather than adding to the guilt, the staff was professional and welcoming which made me want to return. Dr. Simper is awesome! Straight forward and helpful. The front desk reception was great too. I am excited to be a patient here! Will not go anywhere else now.”
Kaylee VanderKooy 

3. Check replies from the owner

Replies are a great feature of reviews. It allows an owner to reply or respond to all types of reviews and experiences. Sometimes, bad experiences happen by accident or situationally! Seeing how a business resolves the problem can be very telling. You want a dental office that treats all of its patients with respect and is willing to right any wrongs.

A business that is actively replying to all or most comments shows that they take their client’s experiences seriously. Replies will appear directly below a review on Google and most other platforms.

A reply might look something like this:

Ready to see why we’re one of the highest-rated dentists in Tri-Cities? Why have we been the winner of Tri-Cities’ People Choice Best Dentist & Dental Office for multiple years? Call us at (509) 581-0081 or schedule an appointment online and come see what a FIVE STAR dental experience is like!

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