Teeth Whitening Truths! Do’s and Don’ts

Brighten up another’s day with your bright smile

Brain teaser! What is one of the first things you think of in the morning, a signifying first impression, and last thing you think of at night…?

Like the Sun, Your Teeth and Smile Should Always Shine!

Let us be honest with ourselves, even after braces or invisible guards, perfectly straight teeth are no longer a first impression must. Like diamonds, we want our teeth to shine and ultimately get whiter teeth. Whiter and brighter teeth on the other hand is what is desirable now, and easier attainable than you may have initially believed! That said, in today’s day and age of DIY-ing anything and everything, we want to review with you the ‘clear’ teeth whitening Do’s and the ‘please, please’ teeth whitening Don’ts.

So, what’s more enjoyable than having a chuckle with ourselves and examine the silly things we’ve done or are doing now to try and whiten our teeth like we’re the modern-day MacGyver. First however, we must get drop some scientific knowledge to truly understand what it is that makes our teeth appear whiter and conversely what then makes them turn murky and the eventual dreaded YELLOW CORNCOBS!

Of course, not having a healthy dental hygiene routine we use daily is the first teeth whitening don’t. But other than the obvious, one teeth whitening source is our bodies natural production of enamel; don’t take production the wrong way however as our enamel does not regenerate. Once it deteriorates, it can not be regenerated.

You might now be thinking, if our teeth enamel is so important in keeping our teeth guarded and white, how can we protect it?!

This is where the Teeth Whitening DON’Ts come in.

Please, Please Whitening Don’ts

Let us start with a misconception some may think, “the more often and harder I brush my teeth, the cleaner and whiter they will be!!!” Unfortunately, that is not completely the case. A little-known fact, brushing your teeth more than twice a day can affect our dental hygiene and the brightness of your teeth! Not only that, vigorously brushing our teeth can grind/rub your teeth natural protective enamel which will result in those beauties getting less white. Lastly, it’s important to check with your dentist for teeth grinding and acid reflex from your stomach can also break down your natural teeth enamel!

Finally, the Goosebumps behind are us!

Do you too enjoy smelling pleasant, feeling healthier as well as having a confident smile? A proactive lifestyle change can make that happen in mere weeks! Smoking tobacco, other inhalants or consuming soda and coffee drinks play an enormous role is discoloration of the whiteness in our teeth. Of course, many other genetic, age, and medication factors can sometimes come into play with discoloration but tis life as they say. The NUMBER DON’T with teeth whitening is avoiding your regular dental checkups. DON’T SKIP THOSE! ????


  • Avoid brushing teeth/flossing each day and night
  • Vigorously brush teeth 3+ times per day
  • Smoke Tobacco and drink soda often
  • Put off teeth grinding inspection from Dr.

Safe Whitening Do’s

Since you’re regularly attending your suggested dental visits, congratulations, you’ve already mastered to number one teeth whitening do! Several other techniques or quality equipment also plays a huge role in improving the whiteness and brightness of our teeth. And not to be a gray cloud but we must always be mindful of our genetics because some bodies are simply built to have whiter teeth and some aren’t, this isn’t something we can control just yet but must accept as we did not choose.

Surprise! Brushing and properly flossing your teeth first thing in the morning and towards the of the night are essential to be sure to get your teeth whitened and brighten that smile! Like most anything else, there’s always more products to give us boosts to our teeth desires.

Quick Out of the Box Teeth Whitening Tips

One tip I always like to do is make sure if I ever drink something that contains sugar or some type of sugar replacement, I immediately rinse my mouth out thoroughly with water. This helps to get any sugars or syrups off your teeth to reframe from discoloration.

Another staple to teeth whitening do’s is to make sure you’re using a quality toothpaste that containing healthy ingredients and has the desires effect you’re wanting. As a teeth whitening seeker myself, I always make sure I’m using a legitimate dentist recommended toothpaste containing Enamel protection as well as Whitening.

Consult and Research Certified Professionals

Lastly, there’s always those ads promoting devices that will whitening your teeth in 20-miuntes or use these whitening strips for 3-months and see amazing results… As we know, anyone can say anything to promote their whitening products, so my FINAL TEETH WHITEN DO is consult your trusted dentist before using any outside product!!!


  • Brush/Flush morning and night
  • Use recommended tooth brush
  • Rinse mouth after all sugar/coffee beverages
  • Use quality toothpaste supporting enamel protection and whitening
  • Consult trusted dentist!

Remember, we only have one set of adult teeth! If you want a whiter, brighter smile call Southridge Dental and they can help you achieve the look you want!

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