Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

Schedule Your Dental Exam Before the End of the Year so You Don’t Waste your Dental Benefits

As the year draws closer and closer to its end, many celebrations
and much excitement come to mind. Many of us enjoy this time of
year for the holidays, some for the smorgasbord of foods, and some
for the beautiful winter weather. However, for as much joy and jolly
that is spread around during this time, anxiousness and stress can
also loom!

Whether that anxiousness is due to all the holiday planning, gift
purchasing, or having to prepare for multiple family gatherings; one
thing is certain, we will all have to put on our adult hats at some
point and ensure we’re ready to take care of these responsibilities.
And what bigger responsibility is there than coordinating with and
taking care of your family members. For some of us having the
opportunity to spend quality time with our families is the enjoyable
part of the year-end festivities! (… Hey, I did only say some of us!

But nevertheless, how we feel about our family, one thing is for
sure, before the year is up is it in our best interest to take care of
their health and use any medical benefits we have earned to ensure
our families are taken care of.

Who is Your Insurance Provider and WHAT Benefits Are They Providing?

One common misconception is that insurance companies have our
best interest. We like to believe our insurance providers will inform
us of all the benefits we have and when those benefits might expire,
unfortunately, that’s not normally the case. For this reason, it’s
important for us to do our own digging and research all the health
and dental benefits afforded to us. Luckily, there are various ways
we can look into and get help locating all our dental insurance.

  1. Contact your HR Department affiliated with your
  2. Log into your insurance company website and locate the
    benefits section
  3. Call your insurance company using the number located on your Insurance Card
  4. Contact your dental office and politely ask for assistance

Don’t let fear or stress keep you from becoming informed! The
worst thing we can do is assume we know all your insurance options
and not take the time to be absolutely confident and knowledgeable


Plan for Regular Dental Appointments & Emergencies

It’s no secret when the end of the year is and so we can never truly be surprised when it does come to be ‘that time of the year’.

However, as procrastination seems to be embedded in most of our
consciousness, knowing our benefits isn’t always enough to take
advantage of them.

If we have 2 free teeth cleanings available to us for the rest of the
year but it’s already December, well then, we just missed out on 1
free teeth cleaning!

This is why knowledge is not enough. Maintaining good health takes
time and effort so plan ahead of time and be confident we’re doing
everything in our power to look out for ourselves and our family
members. And with all the other responsibilities in our lives don’t
feel embarrassed to set reminders for yourself.

· Create a Health and Dental Insurance calendar
· Set insurance appointment reminders on your cell
· Plan ahead of time

I know what some of you might be thinking…
“Make a plan?! I don’t have time for that, YOU MAKE A

Haha ohh we can all definitely relate to that statement right there.
And we agree, its easier said than done. Thankfully for you, that’s
also why we’re here!



Conduct and Research Certified Professionals

If you’re already a patient of a particular dental office, then please

reach out to them as I’m sure they’d be happy to help you create a
benefits plan to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your dental
insurance benefits. If not, simply do a bit of research and make sure
you find the correct dental office that you believe will help you and
your family achieve all the best dental health you could need.

Remember, our insurance companies don’t always watch our
family’s backs so we must do everything in our power to do that
ourselves. We are only given one set of permanent teeth in our
lives, investing in them is investing in yourself and your health.

Choose Southridge Dental for your personal and family dental needs
and feel comfortable that you’re in good hands. Our dental mission
is to have to leave our office saying,
“Thanks for helping me to brighten my smile and day today!”


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